Agrineer - Campaign for new WRF/ETo geo sector set

This is a (future) crowd-funding campaign to extend the geographical reach of our applications. Interested stakeholders in agricultural water management can contribute at Kickstarter.
Background's GDC and SME applications are driven by data generated by the Weather, Research, and Forecast ( WRF ) model program running on our computers. Current sector area size is 564km x 564km with a ~3 km pixel resolution. We currently implement 10 sectors which span roughly half of the western United States. Visit the wiki page here for a map of current sectors and more details on the WRF implementation.
Our goal for this campaign is to cover the remainder of the western United States with another set of 10 sectors. When completed, we will be launching similar campaigns to cover other drought stricken regions, extending the geographical reach of the GDC and SME applications.