Agrineer - Campaign to Replicate Data Farms

This is a (future) crowd-funding campaign to extend the geographical reach of our applications by establishing data farms addressing different regions of the world.
Background's GDC and SME applications are driven by data generated by the Weather, Research, and Forecast ( WRF ) model program. We currently implement 10 sectors which span roughly half of the western United States. Visit the wiki page here for a map of current sectors and more details on the WRF implementation. We are currently campaigning to increase the number of sectors for's data farm covering the western United States.


The motivation is to increase geographical coverage for the GDC and SME applications beyond the western United States. However, as geographical and pixel resolutions are increased in the future, computational loads will also grow significantly.


One way to address this "big data" load is to decentralize the computational facilities, called data farms. Replicating data farms at other locations covering different regions of the world is our general campaign goal.

Take for example, that an agricultural university is interested in generating data useful for an arid region. Our campaign goal would be to cover costs to establish a data farm at that university. This would provide research, educational, and practical benefits for the participating university and region.

Entities interested in hosting a data farm should write to contact (at) for more information.