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This is a catch-all Python package providing utility programs and classes used in some of Agrineer's applications.


This release provides Python 3 modules used in Agrineer's standalone and web based Grow Degree Day (GDC) and Soil Moisture Estimator applications. This package must be installed prior to using the standalone applications.

The focus of this package is the "wrfbase" class which reads and delivers NetCDF4 climate data, generated from the Weather, Research, and Forecast (WRF) model and from our evaporation calculations using the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization's (FAO) guidelines. See Agrineer's ETo package for implementation details on this input data.

Installation of this package and downloading of the data is prerequisite for the stand alone GDC and SME applications. Please review terms regarding usage of data here or in the file included in the package.

Once this package and data are installed you can use the applications GDC and SME as stand alone programs.


This package is licensed under GPLv3 and can be downloaded here.