About Agrineer.org

Agrineer.org is a founding member of IndieCompLabs.org, an incubator organization of computing laboratories dedicated to open source educational projects which serve as a basis for practical and meaningful applications.

What Agrineer.org is

Agrineer.org is about the development and use of free and open source software and hardware as a means to maximize educational transmission of technology in a practical setting for agriculture. Our initial focus is on computational agricultural, from modeling to sensor applications.

What Agrineer.org is not

Agrineer.org is not about closed source technology. Briefly put, closed source is an anathema to Agrineer.org's principle that technology should be inspectable, repairable, and improvable by the user.

Please visit IndieCompLabs.org/about for more information about philosophy, mission, and business model.

Legal Issues

Agrineer.org is a division of IndieCompLabs, LLC., a woman owned, limited liability company. Please visit our disclaimer and privacy policy links in the footer banner.